It’s called stress having a doll ‘child’, Ivan Gunawan: No, I’m still aware of it: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Ivan Gunawan admitted that many were wondering about his sanity after claiming to have two children named, Miracel and Marvelous. The two sons are known to be porcelain dolls that resemble babies.

Nevertheless, Ivan Gunawan confessed to Boy William, he was aware of his actions. She doesn’t seem to care what people think of her children.


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“No, I’m still aware, many people say I’m stressed, I’m smooth,” said Ivan Gunawan as quoted from YouTube Boy William, Thursday (12/30/2021).

Ivan Gunawan doesn’t want his children to be seen as puppets. He even protested to Boy William who kept calling his son a doll.

“It’s a baby. I treat him like a baby. I’ll pour your wine, I’ve been asking it’s a doll, it’s a doll. said Ivan Gunawan in an annoyed tone.

Ivan Gunawan also admitted that now his lifestyle has changed. He will not drink alcohol or masturbate in his room considering that he now has children.

Hearing Ivan Gunawan’s confession, Boy William just hoped that his best friend was okay. He also always opens the door of the house wide if Ivan Gunawan one day needs his help.

“If you need help, you can come to me. I just hope you’re not crazy,” said Boy William.

“I’m fine,” replied Ivan Gunawan.