“I’ve been a gentleman for three months.” She desperate

Gf Vip, Manuel unloads Lulu and sends her in nomination: «I’ve been a gentleman for three months». The Sellasiè disperata. Couple officially at the terminus. Bortuzzo can no longer feel bad because of the constant quarrels, Lulù seems to take it well … but it is not like that.

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After the panic crisis of Lulu whose heavy words flew against the program and the tenants of the house, Manuel Bortuzzo moved away from the princess and wanted to emphasize that he distance himself.

«I’m starting to feel really bad – admits Manuel during the live broadcast on Friday evening – his behavior in the eyes of others can be understood by mine. I’m sorry but we have to take the right distance, if his behavior is like this there is no future even outside. I have been a gentleman for three months, after three months the vaffan ** escapes me too ».

Lulu seemed strangely to take it well: «He is neither my son nor my husband so he is free to do whatever he wants. Like I never thought we were engaged. In here we were seen as a couple but to consider ourselves engaged. Fortunately, in life you learn, it is not right even for itself ». Manuel: «When it was convenient for her we were engaged».

All finished? Not even for a dream, because Manuel mada in nomination Lulu who bursts into tears: «I was upset. I have no anger towards him. I told you I need to be here for so many outside situations and you name me. Manuel will never vote for him because we have shared intimate things. Affection is always there, I respect what he wants but I can’t eliminate feelings “

Last updated: Saturday 4 December 2021, 08:24