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He does not aspire to be a first sword in the trade or to become Brad Pitt. “Too much pretense,” says the Celtic fan from Glasgow, with a strong Scottish accent, who has been ringing loudly in Hollywood quicksand for just over a decade. Nor is it that he considers himself unattractive or lacking in talent, he clarifies with the necessary dose of pride, but he would be happy to maintain the streak and continue making blockbuster studio films.

The talent is unquestionable, especially after seeing him play a man with a score of personalities in Multiple, M. Night Shyamalan’s tape. His next appearance will be in the sequel to the horror film of the year in 2017, It, the story of the macabre clown based on a novel by Stephen King that opens this September in Spain.

James McAvoy, the same one from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Atonement O The last king from Scotland, will be Bill, the leader of the Losers Club, and shares the bill with Jessica Chastain. Big words.

Emily Blunt and A Quiet Place, Claire Foy in Unsane And now you and Jessica Chastain, among other big names, making horror movies. Is the genre gaining prestige, beyond the masses in search of the ephemeral rush of adrenaline?

Superhero movies and horror movies seem to be finding an audience in movie theaters alongside, perhaps, the Oscar nominees. But that’s it. So it doesn’t surprise me that horror films are full of interesting actors, because in the end it all depends on the depth of the characters. Here, you either believe it or you don’t believe it, and that depends on the actor. With those of superheroes you can save yourself by the special effects, even if the film is mediocre.

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Was it on your list of, say, to-do?

No, but I can’t imagine anything that happens in my career either. I have never had a certain vision of where I want to go.

I have read that you were considering becoming a priest in your younger years. Isn’t it a very drastic change to have ended up making horror movies?

I wanted to be a priest for two minutes because I wanted to see the world through missions. Then I realized how fucked up it would be to become one, the sacrifice it would have meant in physical terms and I said to myself no, not in a million years [risas].

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Are you satisfied with the decision?

Really satisfied. I have had a very good career so far and I enjoy the enormous privilege of having the life I wanted.

The bad tongues say that your vocation was never to be an actor.

You ask if I always wanted to be an actor? My answer is always not, because I didn’t even contemplate it as a possibility. There was nothing around me to show me a way. I just ran into a director one day, he offered me a role, and that’s how I started.

“The ‘Brexit’ does not take away my sleep. I think we will be fine if we end up separating “

At what point did you feel that you had gained enough confidence to do anything?

I guess at 33 years old. I think that was when the movies of X-Menespecially the second, which was a huge box office success. I did a good job and I felt more solid. I knew that even if the worst happened, I could be cast in some shitty theater somewhere in Britain.

Do you feel a rara reviews for doing what you do?

A bit. Making movies is not a normal job. You miss too much stuff. You are never there for breakfast or dinner. You miss the weekends and if you make three or four movies a year, you don’t do anything else. You have no life.

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Besides suffering watching Celtic Glasgow, what do you do with your free time?

Simple things. I like to play football. It’s getting tougher with age, but I play in London with a fairly large group of people from all walks of life, a lot of actors, musicians, people who don’t want to be injured. Then I go to a cafe to read a book or script, work out, hang out with my friends, and there’s also the occasional video game night with my friend John.

You have said that you are not interested in being Brad Pitt or the great protagonist of each poster. What do you aspire to then?

As long as I keep doing something different, I will be happy. For the rest, I aspire to find time for my personal life to test myself in different types of roles and for the theater. It is a type of satisfaction very different from that of the cinema. Helps you stay fit as an actor.

James McAvoy:

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Is it true that you once forgot your role because of the video game binge you binged the night before?

It was many years ago. While I was filming in Ireland, my ex-wife bought me an Xbox and the Oblivion… fucking hell. I was playing until three in the morning and they picked me up at five in a shabby and miserable condition to shoot a romantic movie. Then I burned the game disc in retaliation.

What do you think of the political situation? Does the Brexit?

The Brexit It does not take away the dream. I think we’ll be fine if we end up parting ways. I’d rather it wasn’t, but if it happens I think we’ll be fine. What does concern me is the tendency to segregate us that is installed everywhere. The world is turning to the right and I don’t like that. At the same time, I feel that the movement of the left has accelerated with the #MeToo and progress in terms of inclusion and racial diversity. We live in a polarized world. The truth is that I do not understand how these two things can be happening at the same time.

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James McAvoy talks about his character in It: Chapter Two