Jennifer Lopez Highlights Her Charms With Interiors, In Photo

The fastest way to highlight the charms is by letting the charms shine while leaving the jacket open or whatever they have on top, as is the recent case of Jennifer Lopez where she also showed off her marked abdomen and perhaps something else.

For 35 years that Jennifer Lopez He has been conquering both the market and his audience and attendees at his concerts, he always has an outfit that steals the eyes of millions, this time he shared it on Instagram.

This music celebrity recently had an impressive participation in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or hall of fame in Spanish where he participated with an impressive presentation of the Diva of the Bronxs.

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Precisely one of the outfits that she wore that night, was made by the famous Italian fashion firm Dolce & Gabbana, with which she has been collaborating for a long time, since this is not the first outfit with which we see the bride by Ben Affleck.

This flirtatious actress, singer and businesswoman tends to always find a way to show off her figure, especially her abdomen, part of her body that she likes the most recently Jennifer Lopez admitted it in an interview.

Jennifer Lopez opens her jacket and lets her charms free | AP

This look was completely black with silver details, in some parts of the clothes I was wearing, these consisted of a jacket, pants and a top or silver interior with some straps and a kind of belt with the Italian firm’s buckle.


It was on October 30 when he shared these images on his official Instagram account, soon he will reach a million likes, surely if he had put the last image as “Cover” of said publication, he would have already reached and exceeded one million red hearts.

This is because Jlo left her jacket open, revealing part of her charms while wearing this striking silver top with lace and straps at the bottom.

Very beautiful inside and out “,” Always stunning baby “,” This look is literally equal to the 2001 angelic queen “, commented some fans.

One of the netizens who wrote that this look was similar to one that she probably wore 20 years ago, it would not be a surprise because today she looks much prettier than 20 years ago, she is surely reviving some of her most striking looks.

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