Jerome Polin Gives a Math Book as a Prize, Rafathar: Oh I Like Easy Lessons : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– YouTuber Jerome Polin also visited Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina’s second child, Rayyanza Malik Ahmad. He also brought gifts and gifts from Japan for the baby and his brother, Rafathar Malik Ahmad.

Some of the gifts Jerome Polin bring, namely puzzles, dolls, and various kinds of his favorite snacks. Not only that, he also brought math books for the two brothers.


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“Do you know what A’, Uncle Jerome gave? A math book, what do you think Aa’?” said Nagita Slavina to her first child, quoted from YouTube Rans Entertainment, Friday (9/12/2021).

Hearing this, Rafathar immediately smiled and was accompanied by a satisfied laugh from Jerome. Sure enough, he gave some math books to Rafathar and his sister.

“Some make (ages) 7-8 years, some 8-9 years, and 9-10 years” Jerome told Rafathar.

Rafathar then still looked in disbelief and smiled at him. Nagita Slavina then explained that Jerome was really good at Mathematics. He also studied Mathematics at Waseda University, Japan.

After Nagita said this, Rafathar’s response was unexpected. The answer of the 6-year-old boy immediately made his nanny, Lala, laugh.

“No, I like easy lessons,” said Rafathar.

Even so, Rafathar admits that math is fun, but he likes other subjects.

“Aa ‘likes (learning) Indonesian” he added

Meanwhile, during his holiday in Indonesia, Jerome Polin has spent a lot of time collaborating with other celebrities such as Deddy Corbuzier, Raditya Dika, and also Maudy Ayunda.