Jessica Alba’s Trick To Make Culotte Jeans More Flattering

There is no physical person on the planet who does not have some (not to say several) jeans. And whoever say the opposite, lies. It is the basic garment par excellence. The one with which influencers, celebrities and even millionaires have yes or yes in their closets. Well, as a good basic that it is, it goes without saying that the options to combine them are infinite, but yes, if you want to find a stylish daily style, up-to-date and worthy of a fashion expert, you just have to follow the advice that Jessica Alba herself gives us.

The American actress is one of the few celebrities that knows how to perfectly cope with both a glamorous red carpet outfit and a ‘street style’ look. Which, however simple it may seem, is not at all. But although it may seem surprising, it is the outfits that belong to the second group that most win us over from Jessica Alba, because her passion for timeless basics and garments make it possible for us, as good fans that we are, to be inspired to formulate our outfits.

Bellocqimages/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Jessica Alba With Basic Look With Jeans

Bellocqimages/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

As we have been able to verify on numerous occasions, the actress is a cowboy fan. So we could consider her an expert on the subject. And the truth is that this last look corroborates it one hundred percent.

Jessica Alba was enjoying a walk in the city of Los Angeles with a outfit casual with ankle-length culotte jeans and a basic sweater that he has managed to enhance effortlessly. To do this, he only had to take a couple of steps: the trick of putting the sweater inside the front area and bet on accessories.

Simple as that. We have always said it and the actress proves it with this outfit. You just have to add stylish footwear (ankle boots with a track sole in this case are perfect), a eye-catching hair ornament like a patterned headband, chains to match the earrings and -because the circumstances require it- an original mask.

And it is that, when we bet on basic sets, the complements the more, the better. Word of Jessica Alba. And let’s not forget the jersey trick, it’s infallible.

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