Jessica Iskandar Pregnant, 3 Intimate Photos of Vincent Verhaag This New Bride Makes You Baper! : Okezone Celebrity

JESSICA Iskandar announced the pregnancy of his second child with Vincent Verhaag. The couple, who just got married on October 22, 2021, is of course incredibly happy.

Her marriage to Vincent Verhaag became the moment she and El Barack had been waiting for in their lives. Moreover, the presence of the fruit of their love, which is now entrusted to Rajib Jessica Iskandar.

So how’s the latest news for this newlywed, huh? Here are 3 warm portraits of Vincent and Jessica’s little family, summarized Okayzone, Monday (15/11/2021).


Since last Saturday, November 6, Jessica and Vincent have finally seen their honeymoon together. Not so far away, the couple chose to return to where they met, the Island of the Gods, Bali.

Through her Instagram account, Jessica uploaded some of her moments with her husband. He and Vincent looked intimate taking selfies on the boat. Vincent is seen kissing his wife’s forehead, while Jessica embraces her husband. Exasperated, Jessica called her husband an ex-girlfriend, you know.

“My ex-boyfriend @v.andrianto loves me even more.” Jessica wrote

Wow, so sweet, this new bride!

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Joint invitation

jessica dan vincent

It’s incomplete if you go to an invitation without bringing your partner, right?

Yep, finally Vincent and Jessica are officially invited partners, here. Through Jessica’s upload on November 1, she and Vincent appeared for the first time to attend a relative’s wedding together. In the portrait, Jessica and Vincent look harmonious in a luxurious red suit and dress.

“Congratulations to Bayu and Sally💕I and @v.andrianto came to be invited as husband and wife too,” he wrote.

No wonder if Netizens are also excited to see the compatibility of this couple.

“It’s really bad, the couple is so cute ❤️❤️,” wrote @dias***

Collect Threes


Vincent was not only present to fulfill Jessica’s happiness, but also with El Barack. After a long wait, the smart boy finally got his Daddy’s full love.

Last Wednesday, November 3, 2021, Jessica seemed to re-upload the warm moments of her little family. In the portrait, Vincent, Jessica and El Barack are seen lying down together. Sweetly, El Barack and Jessica seemed to lean on Vincent’s shoulders, you know.

“❤️🥰 @v.andrianto @alexanderbarackel,” Jessica wrote happily.

Show off testpack

Through his personal Instagram account, the younger brother of Erick Iskandar is seen uploading photos with his husband. While Vincent kissed his cheek, the man also showed the results of the digital testpack with a heart, meaning that Jedar was pregnant.

“We are expecting a baby! Congratulations to our little family! May it be smooth and easy for the blessings of this pregnancy,” Jedar wrote in the photo caption.

Similarly, on the Instagram v.andrianto page, the husband also expressed his gratitude for this gift. “Thank God🙏🏽🤍🕊 My beautiful wife @inijedar is pregnant!!😍 and @alexanderbarackel is getting a baby brother/sister!!👶🏽🍼 Guess what baby boy or baby girl!?!😁.”

Wow, also happy to see the happiness of the third.