Jessica Iskandar Reveals El Barack’s Sweet Attitude for His Brother Candidate : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Iskandar is expecting her second child. This means that, soon, Jessica Iskandar’s first son, El Barack Alexander, will soon have a younger brother.

The artist who is familiarly called Jedar also revealed the sweet attitude of his first child to his future sister. He said, El is always excited to hug his sister-to-be every night.

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Jessica Iskandar Announces Gender of Second Child

“El brother is excited to hug you every night!” said Jedar as quoted from his Instagram post, Thursday (6/1/2022).

Through that post, Jedar uploaded a photo of the ultrasound results showing the development of the fetus. Vincent Verhaag’s wife also wrote a prayer for the baby.

“Dear you! We are so excited for you! Our little love,” tulis artis 33 tahun itu.

She hopes that her first child with Vincent can grow healthy in her stomach until she is born into the world. He also hopes that in the future his son can become a virtuous person and make his parents proud.

“Growing up healthy in my mother’s stomach, born perfectly healthy, so a child who fears God, is responsible, has good character and loves his parents. Be a proud and happy child. Amen,” said Jedar.

Suddenly, this post was flooded with netizen comments. Many think that Jedar’s second child will be similar to her husband, Vincent.

“Really like his daddy,” said netizens.

“Very Verhaag,” another commented.

“Must look like Vincent’s papa,” wrote a netizen.