Jinan Laetitia Appears Expressive and Aesthetic in Single Forgive : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Musician and producer Jinan Laetitia succeeded in breaking into a major label thanks to the song Forgive. Since appearing in the Indonesian music scene, Jinan Laetitia has presented her sixth single.

However, for a professional at a major label such as Warner Music Indonesia, the single Forgive is Jinan Laetitia’s debut. Jinan presents a dynamic character, standing between a pop aesthetic and a strong artistic eccentricity. At the age of 18, Jinan is still consistently creating, producing, and singing his own works.

Jinan presents the song Forgive as a form of reflection on his journey. This song looks so personal to this 18-year-old girl.

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“Forgive is a very personal song, considering that all the processes, from writing to production, were initiated by me,” explained Jinan. “I remember [saat] wrote the first verse, ‘Only love what you do when you do it well’, with one of the instrumental tracks on the laptop after a long daydreaming session, then the rest of the song ‘Forgive’ came pouring out of the crown.” Jin said.

The aesthetic concept of “Forgive” as music, translated in visual form by Stevina Peni. The music video for “Forgive” depicts Jinan in an empty space that is symbolized by old, dark, but through artistic expressions and vintage costumes on Jinan’s character in the video, the vibes that are conveyed to the audience become beautiful in a unique style.

Stevina Peni is an independent director known for her dreamy and unique concept works. Previously, Stevina directed videos for artists such as KIM!, as well as Mirriam Eka and Elvan Saragih.