Jisoo Ex-TAHITI will marry a non-celebrity man: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL– Former member or eks TAHITI Jisoo brings good news after a long time away from the entertainment world. The 27-year-old recently announced her wedding plans on her personal Instagram.

Jisoo also looks grateful to the fans who still support her until now.

“This is Shin Jisoo, the bride-to-be who is happy every day because of the many congratulations she received. First, I want to thank my fans and other people who continue to cherish me even though it’s been a long time,” wrote Jisoo as quoted from the Soompi page, Sunday (1/8/2021).

She then revealed that her future husband was an ordinary citizen and not a celebrity. He also asked people not to expose the face of the future husband, especially in the media.


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“The majority of reporters do blur their faces, but there are photos that sometimes don’t, so that’s why I’m writing this. I’m still lacking in many ways, but I will work hard to become someone who matures with every step she takes. Once again, thanks to everyone who congratulated me,” he said.

Jisoo debuted with the girl group TAHITI in 2012. She then left the group in 2017.

The news of Jisoo’s departure from the girl band TAHITI had become a controversy in the K-Pop music industry. Jisoo admitted that she had gone through difficult times during her time as an idol. He even had time to undergo psychological therapy after leaving the group.

Now Jisoo wants to live her life more positively and work as a Pilates instructor. (night)