Johnny Depp sells his French village, a haven for 33 million euros

Those who have a home made up of more than four walls and a roof know that they can feel lucky. Then there are the rich, famous and very lucky, those who do not settle for a house like any mortal. Castles, palaces and mansions are their usual refuges. And then there is Johnny Depp. To the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean none of that is enough for him: he has a whole town to take refuge in. A whole French Provençal village that, now, it has decided to put up for sale.

Almost 33 million euros is what Depp asks for that property framed in French Provence and that seems almost like a story. Now he tries to get rid of the place of his happiest memories, where he spent a lot of time with his partner for 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, and their two children in common, Lily-Rose and Jack.

The town is less than 30 kilometers from the luxurious Saint Tropez, between Marseille and Monaco, a step away from the Mediterranean, and meets all the clichés that anyone would imagine of a picturesque French town. Founded in the 19th century, he bought the property in 2001. Located in the surroundings of Plan-de-la-Tour, it stretches across the width of about 121,000 square meters, according to the French magazine Closer.

View of Johnny Depp’s French villa, for sale for 33 million euros.GTRES

The town is not lacking in detail, especially after the millionaire investment that Depp made in it shortly after acquiring it, when he dedicated his efforts and his money to an in-depth restoration, which could have exceeded 10 million dollars. Depp invested heavily in the preservation of the original stone and wood structures on the site.

The real estate portal Top Ten Real Estates details that the town has the main house in which Depp stays when he goes to him, but also with another six for guests – of which one of them was the old parish church -, all of them grouped around the classic town square. In total, the housing space represents more than 1,200 square meters, 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.

In addition, the place has other amenities such as a private restaurant by Chez Marceline, a fully equipped gym, an art studio, a skate park, a wine cellar and two swimming pools. In the place there are vineyards, old olive trees and oak trees up to 300 years old.

Aerial view of the Johnny Depp village in France, on sale for 33 million euros. GTRES

In 2010 Depp told a magazine that this destination was his private paradise. In fact, he claimed to love the whole country. “France has given me everything. A wonderful family and a balance that I missed immensely “, he told the French publication VSD. When talking about the town, he replied “Do you know what I do there? Absolutely nothing! Sometimes I don’t leave the property for three months. When I wake up, I go to the garden, see if the vegetables have grown well, if some flowers start to bloom (…) The phone never rings. Children are the only topic of conversation, everything revolves around them. Are we going to take them out for a walk? Do we eat with them at home or do we go on a picnic? These are the problems that arise ”, he related, also saying that his true passion was wine and that he was going to try to make rosé wines. “But I’ll keep it to myself before I dare to sell it,” he confessed.

It is not the first time that he has tried to sell the property, because he already made two attempts in 2015, when he put it up for sale for 23 million euros, and in 2016, when he asked for something more than 50, in that case to face the complicated divorce proceedings of actress Amber Heard, with whom he was married for just over a year. Then he also wanted to sell his palace in Venice, the so-called Palazzo Donà Sanguiantoffetti, for 10 million euros; and put up for auction nine paintings by the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, which he has collected for three decades.