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Pillar of the comedy band formed by Judd Apatow (for whom he plays in 40 years old, still a virgin, In blistering instructions or Funny People), director of a nice first film, Jonah Hill also knew how to show that he had other strings to his bow, as in these three roles.

True Story, de Rupert Goold Photo : 20th Century Fox

Multidimensional in True Story, the Rupert Goold (2015)

The name makes it clear, the story is indeed true. Better yet, the film is adapted from the autobiography of Michael Finkel, a disgraced journalist whose identity was stolen by an assassin now on death row. Focused on the relationship between the two men as the journalist comes to meet the convict in prison,

the film reveals a Jonah Hill, who plays Finkel – in front of James Franco – sober and inhabited, and wonderfully transmitting the very natural feelings of fascination and repulsion that can seize us in the face of a murderer.

An ambivalence that fits the actor like a glove.

A man (Jonah Hill) with a cap, one hand on the receiver of his phone.
The strategist, by Bennett Miller Photo : Sony Pictures

Methodical in The strategist, de Bennett Miller (2011)

Alongside Brad Pitt, also of remarkable quiet strength as a former baseball player turned general manager, Jonah Hill wows the public in this role of a Yale-trained economist who will earn him an Oscar nomination. for Best Supporting Actor. Sporting passion, emotion, luck… what can they do in the face of the rigor of figures and statistics? Again, this is a true story, but in addition to a major movie,

it is perhaps also, and above all, the proof that Jonah Hill is more than a plump and sympathetic actor, but indeed a performer capable of an extremely touching depth and melancholy.

A man (Jonah Hill) wearing glasses and a gold watch laughs with his mouth open on the phone.
Le loup de Wall Street, de Martin Scorsese Photo : appian way/paramount/kobal/shutt/Appian Way/Paramount/Kobal/Shutt

Crazy in The wolf of Wall Street, by Martin Scorsese (2013)

If he finds thanks to this chronicle of the bling-bling years signed Martin Scorsese recounting the rise and fall of a young broker (again inspired by a true story, that of Jordan Belfort) the comic dimension that made known, it is this time with black and sardonic sauce that Jonah Hill invites us to laugh.

In this character falling into the coke with the joy of a foal, with teeth so white that they are dazzling, he finds something to express a madness, a sickly frenzy, an excess as funny as it is terrifying.

Good pick, his insane interpretation earned him a second Oscar nomination!

True Story on ICI Télé Sunday July 4 at 1:21 a.m. The trailer (source: YouTube)

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