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JAKARTA – Benny Simanjuntak spoke again regarding the chaos in his nephew’s household, Jonathan Frizzy. He admitted that there were things that were not known to the public regarding the issue of domestic violence in the 39-year-old actor’s marriage.

“It was Dhena who did the domestic violence, not Ijonk (Jonathan Frizzy’s nickname). I can prove it later in court,” said the founder of Example Management as quoted from the program Rumpi, Tuesday (6/9/2021).

Not just a hoax, Benny Simanjuntak claimed that he had photos and recordings that could prove the perpetrator’s domestic violence influence. That evidence, he even showed it to Feni Rose as host the event.

“Let’s see, this is Ijonk’s condition. Actually, I don’t want to show this to the public, because I really love Ijonk. Moreover, he is also a father. I don’t want this (domestic violence issue) to spread,” he added.

But Benny had to speak up because he judged that his nephew’s pride as a husband had been trampled on by his own wife. In fact, according to his uncle, Jonathan was once beaten by Dhena Devanka using a barbell.

Jonathan Frizzy and wife. (Photo: Instagram/@ijonkfrizzy)

“My nephew was trampled on, beaten with a barbell. I don’t want Ijonk to be treated like that. I will defend him until I die. During this time, he was treated more than an animal by his wife, “said the uncle.

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Benny Simanjuntak emphasized that he is ready to be held accountable for his words before the law. Therefore, he asked if Dhena Devanka wanted to sue him for his statement about domestic violence.

The issue of domestic violence (KDRT) became one of the hot topics of the domestic turmoil of Jonathan Frizzy and Dhena Devanka. Starting with the mother of three, she reported her husband to the South Jakarta Metro Police, on May 21.

Jonathan Frizzy will report back to his wife on suspicion of domestic violence. (Photo: MNC Portal Indonesia)

Dhena then clarified her report, on August 27, 2021. On the same day, Sang’s legal team influence also registered a divorce suit against Jonathan Frizzy with the South Jakarta Religious Court.

On September 6, 2021, actor Virgin Ghost Girlfriend It then reported Dhena Devanka to Polda Metro Jaya for a similar case, domestic violence. Jonathan Frizzy admitted that he brought the results of his post-mortem, photos, and recordings to strengthen his report.*

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