Junior Roberts Infidelity Revealed, Often Have Intimate in the Toilet? : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Infidelity story Junior Roberts dismantled by someone claiming to be Hanggini Purinda Retto’s cousin, the actor’s former lover. The story was uploaded to the @playitsafebabyofficial account on Instagram, on December 10, 2021.

The person said that Junior had cheated on Hanggini since August 2021. Despite knowing her lover’s disloyalty, the actress who is familiarly called Jeha chose to stay. In fact, he is still seen vacationing with Junior’s family.

However, before the two ended their relationship on November 10, Hanggini was known to have confronted Junior’s infidelity. He even showed a video showing Junior and Rebecca Klopper kissing.

“When Juju (Junior) decided, Jeha (Hanggini) gave a video of Juju kissing Becca. Juju dodged (saying) ‘Just acting, kidding’. Yes times, crazy! My brother deserves a better man than him. Just handsome, unclean,” the person wrote.

In addition, another source claimed Hanggini had actually suspected Junior’s infidelity for a long time. He had found a mask with lipstick marks belonging to a woman in Junior Roberts’ car.

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The source further said that Hanggini’s way of breaking up with Juju was cool. “Elegant, no crying and drama. Even Juju who cried bombay. Crocodile tears,” said the source.

Junior Roberts and Rebecca Klopper. (Photo: Instagram/@juniorrobertss)

The story of Junior Roberts’ affair, according to the @playitsafebabyofficial account, has even been known by Hanggini’s family. “Jeha’s mother already knows. There’s a lot of evidence, but I don’t know who spilled it to the media. Juju and Becca often have sex in the toilet. Amused.”

Even so, the claims surrounding the affair and allegations that Junior Roberts and Rebecca Klopper often have sex have not been clarified by both parties. So far, the truth has not been confirmed.*

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