Kalina Ocktaranny Confirms Divorce News with Vicky Prasetyo : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Kalina Ocktaranny spent the weekend with her two best friends, Ivan Gunawan and Denise Chariesta. In her Instagram Story account, the mother of Azka Corbuzier was seen eating a meal at a restaurant while recording her activity.

On that occasion, Kalina had time to point the camera at her and Denise’s face while mentioning her single status. It suddenly made Ivan Gunawan who heard it immediately shocked and immediately asked questions related to Kalina’s household with Vicky Prasetyo.

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“Two single women and one …” said Kalina who was immediately cut off by Ivan Gunawan.

“Are you single? Are you not with Vicky anymore? Huh?” asked Ivan Gunawan.

Igun was seen again asking about the status of Kalina, who was no longer with Vicky. Although he was reluctant to answer, the 40-year-old man seemed to be able to conclude that Kalina and Vicky’s marriage had ended, and expressed his gratitude for it.

“How come I missed it?,” continued Igun.

“You don’t have to talk about it, can you?” Kalina asked.

“Alhamdulillah. Let’s cheer. Let’s cheer up,” said Igun trying to encourage Kalina.

As is known, the couple, who has not been married for less than a year, has given a code related to their separation. Both of them were even seen hinting at their divorce through their respective Instagram accounts.