Keanu Reeves Rules Out ‘The Matrix 5’: He Doesn’t Think The Saga Will Have More Installments

Keanu Reeves does not believe that ‘The Matrix’ 5 will happen after ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’. The famous actor reprized his role as the “chosen one” in the latest installment of the franchise, directed by Lana Wachowski.

The film has so far grossed more than $ 70 million at the worldwide box office, which saw a gross of less than $ 12 million during its opening weekend. This weak opening at the box office could be due to the simultaneous premiere of the film on the streaming service HBO Max, as well as continued concern about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even so, the fact that ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ has come true is something strange in itself. The two sister’s Wachowski, Lana Y Lily, they had made it very clear that they had no intention of making another Matrix after ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ 2003. In fact, Lily told the media in 2015 that returning to the series was a “Particularly repellent idea.”

Nevertheless, ‘Resurrections’ was officially announced in late 2019 with Lana as director, although her sister would not return. Now, with the film released in theaters and HBO Max, viewers wonder if ‘The Matrix’ 5 is on the horizon.

Keanu Reeves Neo Matrix Reurrections

Speaking to the Empire magazine, Reeves offered his opinion on whether ‘The Matrix’ 5 will be done or not. When asked about another installment of the sci-fi project, the beloved actor joked: “What other? Resurrections Redux “. When considering that Lana you are done with the franchise, Reeves deepened:

I’d say Lana won’t make another Matrix. I do not think so. If I had to cast a ballot … No, not a ballot, one vote. I’d say Lana won’t make another Matrix movie. “

Via Empire.

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix Resurrections 1

This is not the first time Reeves talks about the possibility that ‘The Matrix’ 5 take place. The actor has previously said that it is a “Lana Wachowski question”, in reference to the development of a sequel.

However, the actor goes on to say that “and [Lana] I would like to do another story “ he would be “Honored and grateful” to be included. However, as mentioned above, no one even expected that ‘The Matrix’ 4 will be made, which means that a fifth film in the series is unlikely. This is especially true considering the lackluster response at the box office and the divided criticism of ‘The Matrix: Resurrections’ .