Kesha Ratuliu Gives Birth, Mona Ratuliu Cry Haru : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Kesha Ratuliu and her husband, Adhi Permana Putra will welcome their baby. Kesha is known to have undergone a caesarean section at the Bina Merdeka Hospital, Sunday (12/12/21).

Moments before Kesha gave birth, her aunt, Mona Ratuliu, uploaded a video when she made a video call with Kesha and her husband.

Mona seemed to wipe away tears accompanied by a sullen expression. Apparently Mona was moved to see that soon her niece would give birth to a baby.

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“Pray, my friends, @kesharatuliu05 gave birth at 10 this morning. Hopefully the handsome baby is healthy, the mother is also healthy, the delivery is smooth. Amen,” wrote Mona on Instagram, quoted on Sunday (12/12/21).

Mona did not expect Kesha to be a mother soon. He then remembered the past when Kesha was still young.

“Suddenly remember how cute Kesha was when she was little. Curly cheerful chatty all day” he continued,

Although there is a feeling of emotion that surrounds Mona Ratuliu, she is sure that Kesha and Adhi can be great parents for their baby-to-be.

When making video calls, Mona is not alone, but is accompanied by her husband, Indra Brasco. The mother of four children leaned her head on Indra’s shoulder while crying. This immediately made Indra laugh.

“Some are crying, remember the little brother he said, the older brother is already big,” said Indra Brasco and the video uploaded by Mona.

On the other hand, Kesha Ratuliu and Adhi Permana seemed so excited to welcome their baby. The couple, who got married on February 7, 2021, has even released the song ‘Welcome to Love’ which is dedicated to their baby.