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The movies of Star Wars run by Disney have had a somewhat bumpy road in recent years. The fans noticed leagues that the sequel trilogy lacked all kinds of planning in the Lucasfilm laboratories, because it was only a story that they started but did not know how to develop or finish. Long ago it was revealed that Kevin Feige will join forces with the studio to produce a new film of Star Wars, which filled Marvel Studios fans with excitement. The scriptwriters of the project meet with GQ and declares that the film will turn out as great as the best stories from the distant galaxy and the brightest of superheroes in the MCU.

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Lucasfilm fans were left with a very bitter taste in their mouths after observing the conclusion presented in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 61%, now considered one of the worst films in the series. It is clear that Kevin Feige He has no interest in doing a bad job for Lucasfilm, which is why he is already hard at work developing his production. Screenwriter Michael Waldron, who was commissioned to write Loki – 96%, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and now the movie Star Wars produced by Kevin Feige, talks about what makes the MCU great and what will be seen in his work on the distant galaxy.

I think the success of the MCU is, despite all the amazing sci-fi and concepts and all that stuff; Ultimately, success is based on the characters, their humanity, their conflicts, friendships, and the family that is the MCU. And I think Star Wars, at best, is a story about family. Han, Luke, and Leia were a family; you love seeing them together, and you hate when they break up. They are great characters. Thats nothing new. I’m not going to surprise anyone with that idea, but that’s my biggest takeaway.

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Waldron also previews minimal details about the tape Star Wars with Kevin Feige as a producer, noting that the top executive will carry his great talents seen in the MCU to the space adventure. Assures that Cowardly He is a born leader capable of listening to everything creatives have to say, always leaning toward imagination and hard work.

It is at a very early time in [Star Wars]. That’s probably what I can at least say, unfortunately. What Kevin Feige shares with Dan Harmon and Sam Raimi is an absolute collaborative spirit and a notable lack of ego given what he has accomplished. Kevin is a great listener. She wants to hear your ideas, understand how you could do something, and then help you improve it. Beyond all that, he’s a cool guy.

Thanks to the words of Waldron we can understand that the movie of Star Wars with Kevin Feige will take place long before the Skywalker trip, is it possible that the executive delivers something superior to the sequel trilogy? Kevin He gave meaning to the Infinity Saga, so fans have full confidence in him to do something great. On the other hand, recent studio productions (The Mandalorian – 91% o Star Wars: The Bad Batch – 95%) proves that Lucasfilm is really working hard to bring the best stories to the public; we hope that it will also be the case with the films to come.

The movie of Star Wars from Kevin Feige It still does not have a release date but little by little time is being consumed until it has incredible news. Lucasfilm has a bright future ahead of it.

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