Kiano Tiger Wong’s Excited Moment On A Luxurious Birthday in Ancol, A Flood Of Prayers From Artists : Okezone Celebrity

KIANO Tiger Wong just celebrated 2nd birthday. Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven rented Sea World, Ocean Dream, and Atlantis in Ancol for Kiano’s birthday.

Not wanting to miss the moment, Baim Wong also uploaded his portrait on his Instagram account. Kiano’s birthday party looked so lively, complete with ocean-themed decorations and an octopus-shaped birthday cake. The aura of happiness radiated from the faces of the little family.

“Happy Birthday Kiano, Everyone’s Love,” wrote Baim Wong in a statement, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Thursday (12/30/2021).

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In the upload, they appear compact wearing animal-patterned clothing in bright colors. Especially for Kiano who is having a birthday, his suit is green. While Baim, Paula and their second son, Kenzo Eldrago Wong, matched blue.

The ocean-themed party decorations and the huge octopus-shaped birthday cake sweetened the special moment even more. The colorful balloons behind it also look beautiful as a photo spot for the invited guests. Kiano’s birthday party seems to be so exciting, huh!

The upload was immediately flooded with various comments from netizens and a series of fellow artists. Many wished Kiano a happy birthday. Not a few are also wrongly focused on seeing baby Kenzo’s adorable cheeks.

“Happy birthday Kiano,” said Anissa Aziza.

MasyaAllaah Kiano, happy birthday to a pious and handsome child, “said Umay Lubis.

“Happy Birthday Kiano,” Wijin said.

“Happy bday kino syng❤️,” wrote Celebrity Wanda HaraMasyaAllaah Kiano, happy birthday to a pious and handsome child,” said Umay Lubis.

“Happy Birthday Kiano,” Wijin said.

“Happy bday kiano syng❤️,” Celebgram Wanda Hara wrote.

“Happy birthday, handsome boy, beautiful mother,” wrote netizens.

“Masha Allah, kk Kiino, added that momplo’s cheeks, especially Kenzo, can’t help but look at his chubby cheeks,” said another netizen.

“I’m really waiting for the vlog with the kimono… From the past few days there has been no kimono at all,” replied another netizen.

“Gumushh. Kenzooo’s sister, Kiano’s brother,” said another netizen.

“I can’t wait to see Kiano’s birthday on Baim Paula’s YouTube,” said another netizen.