Kill Bill Vol. 3: Tarantino Would Like To Reunite Uma Thurman And Her Daughter Maya Hawke

What if the Kill Bill Vol. 3 coming back to the forefront? Quentin Tarantino brought up the subject on a podcast.


Since the release of Kill Bill Vol. 2 in 2004, Quentin Tarantino regularly evokes a hypothetical 3rd episode. In the first film, Uma Thurman killed her enemy (Copper Viper), played by Vivica A. Fox, in front of her daughter.

The Bride, in her quest for revenge, did not pay attention to the girl’s presence. Before leaving the place, she tells him that if she wants revenge when she is older, she will know where to find her.

This sentence was the starting point of speculation around a 3rd part which would be done 20 years later. It would feature the daughter of Copper Viper, who would face Beatrix Kiddo to avenge her mother’s death.

In July 2020, Vivica A. Fox declared that she would see Zendaya as her adult daughter. “I haven’t heard anything official, but I believe Tarantino was waiting for the actress who played my daughter (Ambrosia Kelley) to grow up. During an interview, I was asked which young actress could play him. in Vol 3. I immediately replied, ‘Ambrosia!’, but they meant a popular actress right now.

So I thought of Zendaya. Wouldn’t that be hell? It could even give the project the green light: with Uma, they are tall, it would be badass to see them face to face. I love it. With a little luck, we will be able to start a movement: ‘Come on, Tarantino, caste Zendaya!’ Maybe it can speed things up? Wouldn’t that be amazing? “

Quentin Tarantino recently provided some new information on this subject during the podcast The Joe Regan Experience. If Kill Bill Vol. 3 was done, he would like to reunite Uma Thurman and her daughter, Maya Hawke.

“I would like to find these characters 20 years later, imagine the fate of The Bride and her daughter, Bebe. They had peace for 20 years and now this peace is broken. The Bride and Baby are on the run … and just the idea of ​​reuniting Uma Thurman and her daughter Maya Hawke is fucking exciting! “, enthuses the director.

We could therefore dream of a clash between Zendaya and Maya Hawke, who would defend her mother against the thirst for blood of the daughter of Copper Viper.


Uma Thurman et Perla Haney-Jardine (Bebe Kiddo)

Tarantino also mentioned the return of other characters from his diptych who also fueled some grievances against Beatrix Kiddo. “Elle Driver is still there, somewhere. Sophie Fatale had an arm cut off but she’s still around too”, explains the filmmaker.

Daryl Hannah and Julie Dreyfus would resume their respective roles in revenge for the mutilations inflicted by The Bride. She effectively sliced ​​Widowmaker’s arm before violently tearing Elle Driver’s eye out, leaving her blind.

“Gogo also has a sister, Shiaki, and she could show up too”, says Tarantino. It refers to Gogo Yubari (Chiaki Kuriyama), a Japanese fighter murdered by The Bride in the first film after a bloody clash. His sister would therefore also have a grudge against Uma Thurman.

Note that Maya Hawke has already shot under the direction of Quentin Tarantino. She had a small role in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. We keep our fingers crossed so that the director can produce this 3rd opus before retiring!