Kinan’s Dream of the Original ‘Fire Kites’ to Cappadocia Finally Comes True : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Serial Kite Broken recently caught the attention of netizens. The figure of Eca Prasetya or Mommy ASF is no exception, which is known to be the original Kinan from the story he wrote.

Mommy ASF dreams of riding an air balloon on Cappadocia, Turkey, will be realized in the near future. This was revealed directly by him through his personal Instagram account recently.

“Alhamdulillah, finally there is a road to Turkey. So yesterday I got good news, I will be paid to fly free to Turkey whenever Mommy wants, in the next year,” wrote Mommy ASF on Instagram quoted Wednesday (19/1/2022).


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He was even allowed to bring his four children. He also said he was grateful for the opportunity.

“Hopefully things will get better soon, kid. We can go there right away, now hunting for shoes that are suitable for Cappadocia first,” he said again.

Mommy ASF also shared a photo with her four children. He also shared a video when he took his children to buy Turkish ice cream.

“Now eat Turkish ice cream a la Malang first, dear. Later we will buy real Turkish ice cream there. Aaamiin, God,” he continued.

The news that Mommy ASF had the opportunity to fly to Turkey apparently helped make netizens happy. They even flooded the comments column uploaded by the former wife of the owner of Ammar TV with congratulations.

“Dream and God will embrace your dreams. Congratulations, Mommy. We love you,” wrote the netizen.

“Alhamdulillah, it is proven that the prayers of people who are hurt and oppressed, God willing, will be granted by Allah SWT. I am happy to hear that, Mrs. Docca,” said the netizen.

“The sustenance of a pious woman who is super patient, Alhamdulillah, Mommy can realize her dream of going to Cappadocia with her beloved children. Mommy and my family are always healthy, I hope I can follow Cappadocia too with my beloved husband and son. Amen,” said another netizen.