“King Richard”: 5 Reasons Not To Miss Will Smith’s New Movie

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There are many ways we could tell the story of the Williams sisters; however, the one chosen by the filmmaker Reinaldo Marcus Green and the scriptwriter Zach Baylin is very successful: through the eye of his father, Richard Williams, who decided, even before they were born, that they would become two legends of the sport.

With Will Smith In the starring role, this film takes us to the humble Californian neighborhood of Compton, where Williams, after seeing the Romanian Virginia Ruzici play, puts together a strategy with which she will take her daughters to their appointment with glory and out of danger of an environment that only offered them uncertainties.

These are 5 reasons why you should see this movie currently on the billboard right now and also available in streaming (paid prize) at HBO Max (for now, only if you are in the United States).

1 You will end the movie with a lot of motivation

If you liked films like “In search of happiness” or “Ali”, you are facing a new classic in the filmography of Will Smith. This movie has all the ingredients to make you leave the movie theater convinced that you can do whatever you want. “If you don’t plan, you’re planning to fail” is one of the phrases we constantly hear Richard Williams repeat on film. And, without a doubt, after seeing how this man with a very hard life manages to overcome all adversities with perseverance, effort and a lot of planning (nothing like being organized in this life), you will be infected with his energy.

2 You will discover things you did not know about the Williams sisters

Although it is not necessary to be familiar with the history or sports career of the tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, if you are a fan of these athletes or of this sport, you will find it particularly interesting to know details about how these living legends trained and how their development developed. sister relationship while his sports career took off.

It was certainly a difficult time for Serena when her sister Williams began to excel as a tennis player, but the doors that she opened for many African American women also opened for her to achieve even greater things than her older sister. That’s what this tape is about too.

Richard Williams with his daughters Venus and Serena.
Richard Williams with his daughters Venus and Serena.

3 You will relive iconic tennis moments and remember some of its great figures

“King Richard” takes us back to the 1980s and early 1990s, when the Williams sisters train for champions, and then when Venus finally makes her professional debut. In this interim, the film allows us to remember figures who were important in the careers of Serena and Venus, such as Rick Macci (very well personified by Jon Bernthal) and Paul Cohen (Tony Goldwyn), but also to see athletes who set the tone at that time as Jennifer Capriatri or hearing of the Russian promise, Maria Sharapova.

Especially important will also be the match played by Venus Williams with the Spanish Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.

4 You will meet Oracene Price

Although the film is named after the father of Venus and Serena and it is Richard Williams who has figured most in their careers, this story also pays tribute to the mother of athletes, who was also their coach in times when they had no someone who fulfills that function ad honorem.

Played by Aunjanue Ellis, this character will offer us one of the best scenes in the film, when he confronts Richard Williams at a crucial moment in Venus’s career.

Will Smith as Richard Williams in
Will Smith as Richard Williams in “King Richard: A Winning Family” (Photo: Warner Bros.)

5 You’ll see one of the best performances of Will Smith

Finally, Will Smith has long been a guarantee that we will see a compelling story on screen, and “King Richard” is no exception. The American manages to capture every detail of the real Richard and is recognized in his gestures, postures and accents.

It wouldn’t surprise you to see Will Smith standing out in awards season for this film. 100% recommended.

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“King Richard” (or “King Richard”) in its original language also features Beyoncé on the soundtrack. She interprets the song “Be Alive” with which the tape closes.



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