King Richard: Will Smith Coaches Serena And Venus Williams In Sports Trailer

Will Smith demands the best for his daughters Serena and Venus Williams in the King Richard trailer.

Over the past twenty years, tennis has steadily monopolized the screens. It has been found in biopics about iconic rivalries with Shia LaBeouf as Borg / McEnroe, or completely absurd comedies like the hairy 7 Days in Hell where Andy Samberg faced Kit Harington in a three-day match. The short even became a reflection of the fight against sexism in the tasty Battle of the Sexes when he recounted the determination of an old day in 5ème Set.

So when biopic-loving Hollywood can mix true story and sports film, it’s an instantly unifying combo on paper. Will Smith is undoubtedly the most aware of it, since he himself embodied none other than the boxer Muhammad Ali in the But by Michael Mann and more recently doctor Benett Omalu in Alone against all. He re-piles again, this time as Richard Williams, the father-coach of the two tennis champions, Serena and Venus Williams, in King Richard, whose trailer just dropped.

Blood, sweat, tears and clay … the film will thus tell the story of Richard Williams, a father with no experience in tennis, who will write a 78-page plan for his daughters, Serena and Venus Williams, to become champions and avoid the traps of Compton, their home neighborhood plagued by precariousness and criminal activity.

Our two champions will respectively be played by Saniyya Sidney (Shadow Figures, Fast Color) in Venus and Demi Singleton (Godfather of Harlem) in Serena. But the heart of the film will be Will Smith who clearly plays the Oscar card with such a solid gold role to tick the academy boxes. Determined gaze, emotions, ambitions and a good swig of tear glands should punctuate this soaring towards glory and Grand Slam victories.

A biopic at the bottom of the ball

In the cast, we also find Aunjanue Ellis (In their eyes), Jon Bernthal, Dylan McDermott and Liev Schreiber. Behind the camera, it’s Reinaldo Marcus Green who has just been released Joe Bell with Mark Wahlberg, who provides the score. Hopefully the biopic deviates from the much-agreed path it seems to be following in this trailer.

King Richard should be released in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously from November 19, 2021 in the United States and France only in theaters, on December 1, 2021. And if you prefer to see sports people making movies than actors doing sports … at the cinema, we recommend our file on 5 proofs that athletes shouldn’t have made a film.