Koes Hendratmo Dies Alone at Home, This is What the Witness Says: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Koes Hendratmo died alone at his home. This senior singer was found dead by the household assistant (ART).

This information was confirmed by Tantowi Yahya who received information from Koes’ brother-in-law. Since his wife died, the presenter of Berpacu in Melodi has been living alone in his house.

“So Mas Koes, since his wife in April died, 100 days ago he lived alone in his house,” said Tantowi when contacted by reporters, Tuesday (7/9/2021).

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Koes is known to have died after his ART became suspicious because he did not get any response from inside the senior singer’s house.

“According to information from his sister, someone came to his house, it was an assistant. Then they pounded on the fence and nothing came of it,” said Koes.

“Then on the phone no one picked up. So finally the house was forcibly opened. Then when I looked into his room, Mas Koes wasn’t there anymore,” he continued.

Tantowi himself did not know for sure the cause of Koes Hendratmo’s death. What he knows, the figure of the 78-year-old man always looks healthy and fit in his old age.

“There is no definite news yet, but I read an explanation from his daughter Bonita in several online media, it is most likely a heart because there is a history, but there has been no further confirmation,” he said.

Koes Hendratmo has been a singer who has been known since the 1960s. Albums that have been released throughout his career include Lambuan Bunga (1959), Sansaro (1968), and Wanita Wanita (1970).

Apart from being a singer, the man who was born on February 9, 1942 is also known as a presenter of the Race in Melody quiz quiz since 1988.