KPI Allows Saipul Jamil to Appear to Provide Education, Arie Kriting: Let Pedophiles Be Smart : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – KPI does not prohibit Saipul Jamil from appearing on television. This was even conveyed by the Chairman of KPI, Agung Suprio, in Deddy Corbuzier’s Podcast yesterday, Thursday, September 9, 2021.

In his statement, Agung said that KPI only limited Saipul Jamil’s activities on television. In fact, the man who is familiarly called Bang Ipul is still allowed to appear on TV on condition that he provides education to the public.

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In response to this, Arie Kriting opened his voice. Through his Twitter account, he seemed to be mocking KPI’s statement by stating that the education provided by Saipul Jamil would make pedophiles smarter in carrying out their actions.

“Well, if you agree, it’s okay to make an educational event. So those who want to learn how to ‘hap hap’ underage children who are sleeping, can know how,” wrote Arie Kriting on his Twitter account.

“Please make television shows, so that pedophiles can be smart,” he said.

Through his teasing, the husband from Indah Permatasari felt that many people were still confused about Saipul Jamil’s return to the world of entertainment. He even proposed the establishment of an institution that specializes in dealing with pedophiles in Indonesia.

“Because it seems that many parties are confused about the status and presence of a pedophile in society, it seems that it is better to create a special institution for this,” he said.

“What if the Indonesian Pedophile Commission is made,” he said.

Arie Kriting’s writings related to the words of the Head of KPI, were immediately flooded with comments from netizens who had similar opinions. They even seemed to criticize the return of Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband to television.

“Educational event, what’s the story? Please, KPI in this country is still a lot of people who excel and can provide education. I’m surprised to see television in this country that has problems being invited to TV with high achievements is even silenced,” wrote the TriNingsih70 account.

“This is just a defense at the beginning of the road, later, you will still go commercial and you can appear on TV again. Mbokyooo this human is ndueweni roso isin ngunulo mil jamil cok raimu,” wrote the account @okeeedong.