Krisdayanti Explains Atta’s Protective Attitude to Aurel: Many Are Waiting For Baby AHHA : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Singer Krisdayanti also awaits the presence of the first grandchild of Aurel Hermansyah who is pregnant. He also justified the attitude of the son -in -law, Atta Halilintar who was more protective to Aurel.

“It’s natural to be protective, because at that time it was released (miscarriage). Moreover, prospective children at this age, they are still a young couple,” said Krisdayanti in the Kebon Jeruk area, West Jakarta.


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Meanwhile, Aurel herself, even though she has two bodies, is still active. Atta as a husband is always ready to limit his wife so that the health of the womb is maintained.

“It’s like watching football, which she really wants to watch. But her husband sees many aspects, because on the football field, you have to climb a lot of stairs, I’m afraid it will be troublesome,” said Krisdayanti.

“His name is husband, if it’s not really urgent, you don’t have to go,” he continued.

Because the princess had a miscarriage, of course the presence of a prospective child in Aurel’s womb was highly anticipated. Not only the couple, but many people also yearn for it.

“Many are waiting, not only them. Maybe many are waiting for the presence of the AHHA baby candidate,” said the singer of Try to Be Faithful.

As is known, Atta and Aurel announced the happy news about pregnancy, a month after the wedding. Unfortunately, the daughter of Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti miscarried in May 2021.

Now, Aurel’s contents have entered the age of 4 months. The couple had the opportunity to hold a thanksgiving event at their residence in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.