Krisdayanti Gives Message Before Aurel Hermansyah Gives Birth: Always Be Careful Yes : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Singer Krisdayanti conveyed a message of emotion to his son, Aurel Hermansyah before giving birth. He shared a photo with the princess on his personal Instagram.

In the photo, Krisdayanti who was wearing a beige suit could be seen holding the child’s belly. Meanwhile, Aurel who was beside him smiled at the camera.


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The two of them also look harmonious by sticking their heads together. Krisdayanti then asked her daughter to remain patient in the process of waiting for the birth of her first child.

“How do we behave when we wait, that is also a form of blessing for patience, brother,” Krisdayanti said on her personal Instagram quoted on Friday (12/10/2021).

Raul Lemos’ wife also advised her child to always be careful with activities. “Always be careful,” he continued.

It is known that Aurel’s gestational age has entered 7 months. Aurel Hermansyah is predicted to give birth in early 2022. Aurel’s relationship with her biological mother is known to have stretched last year.

But now their relationship is back in harmony after Aurel married Atta Halilintar. Not long ago, Krisdayanti also shared her closeness with Aurel and her son-in-law. In the photo, Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos’ children, Amora and Kellen are also seen sleeping on the same bed.