Laleilmanino Releases NFT, Digital Based Art Collection : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Artists are now busy presenting NFT. After Syahrini, now the music group Laleilmanino is also trying to present NFT.

As is well known, NFT is a digital asset that exists on a public blockchain and serves as a record of ownership. NFTs are sold and bought using digital currencies.

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Artists are now presenting NFT, thus, fans can collect idol items in digital form.

Laleilmanino admits that NFT assets are a way of presenting art in digital form. For them this is an opportunity.

“We recognize that the world of music is constantly evolving. We see that NFT is not a temporary trend, but a new era for the future music industry,” said Nino.

Anindyo Baskoro (Nino), guitarist and keyboardist for Maliq & D’Essentials, Arya Aditya Ramadhya (Lale) and Ilman Ibrahim (Ilman) in collaboration with Kolektibel try to take advantage of technology.

“The NFT industry is moving quite fast. We need to respond to the music industry to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity of this new technology. We really hope that this collaboration can open up as many NFT adoptions in Indonesia,” said Pungkas Riandika, CEO of Kolektibel to the media crew, Sunday ( 2/1/2021).

Curious about what Laleilmanino and kolektibel will present, you can do a wait-list at: