Las Lanzas Will Have A Solidarity Concert To Save This Local Classic

The pandemic and the crisis that it caused hit the gastronomic sector hard, so much so that several emblematic places had to close forever or are about to do so, as is the case of The spears.

More than 50 years has the historic soda fountain in Plaza Ñuñoa, but these last two have been one of the most complex in its entire existence, so much so that due to financial problems its owner, Manolo Vidal, spoke of a possible closure.

A situation that if it happened would be a regrettable loss for the Chilean gastronomic heritage and also for its faithful parishioners, who cannot imagine their day to day without the casserole, the callitos a la Madrid or the sanguchitos from Las Lanzas.

Photo: Valentina Miranda Vega

In order to go to their aid and save the local is that a group of lifelong friends and clients organized a solidarity concert to seek to raise funds that allow it to pay off debts and remain open.

#MelanzoporLasLanzas is the name of this day that this Sunday July 25 will bring together a handful of local musicians and patrons, in a broadcast that you can follow from your home via YouTube.

Ana Tijoux, Roberto Márquez, from Illapu, Mario Mutis, Juanita and Claudio Parra, from Los Jaivas, Javiera Parra, Santaferia, Tomo como rey, El Macha, from Chico Trujillo, and Juan Ayala, among others, will be part of this transmission.

Also the singer-songwriter Nano Stern, one of the event organizers and a regular at the Plaza Ñuñoa soda fountain.

To support Las Lanzas

Las Lanzas will have a solidarity concert to save this
Photo: Archive

Between 5 PM and 8 PM you can follow the solidarity day, which will be broadcast from Las Lanzas, which will be closed that day and like every Sunday.

Some of the musicians and various other friends from the premises will pass by, while others will perform remotely, as is the case with Ana Tijoux, who is in Europe.

In addition, during the event there will be other activities, such asor wine competitions and lunches on site, all to motivate people to help.

And it is that although the entrance is free, the idea is that donations are made to the special account that was opened in support of Las Lanzas, a BancoEstado sight account in the name of Vidal y Flores Spa, rut 88.638.000-3, number 854-7-000717-1, email [email protected]

“This show of affection leaves me with great satisfaction, the feeling that something of what we have done during these more than 5 years that we have been in this bowling alley I have marked people in such a way that they feel like giving back with this love ”, says Vidal, the owner of the premises.

And he adds: “this gives us strength for what is coming and to get up the next day and fighting. And not only the affection of the organizers, but all the clients who come every day to see us and tell us: we are with you ”.