Laura Bozzo Copies Lady Gaga’s Style And Poses With Extravagant Boots | PHOTO

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Laura Bozzo once again became the target of the controversy, although this time it was not for his explosive statements but for posing with a shocking outfit at the Lady Gaga style leaving his followers surprised.

The driver showed that for the fashion There is no age, because at 68 years of age she became the cover of the independent magazine “Suave” with a style for which she was compared to the singer Lady Gaga and wearing a black miniskirt that exposed her legs.

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The Peruvian shared the photo on her social networks, in which she can be seen posing on a yacht and wearing a mini skirt in black, with a brown trench coat and a T-shirt with a print of bikini.

However, the protagonists of the photograph were the medieval style high boots worn by Laura Bozzo from the Balenciaga fashion house and which have not yet been released. The host shared a video in which she can be seen suffering a little with them during the session for the magazine.

Laura Bozzo is compared to Donatella Versace

Everything seems to indicate that the style of the driver has attracted everyone’s attention on social networks, because in her photos where she anticipated a surprise for August of which we now know is her photograph on the cover of the magazine, she was compared with Lady Gaga .

In them you can see him with straight blond hair and a body in black that he accompanied with blue lenses that he also used in the magazine. It was because of this photograph that Internet users did not hesitate to compare her with Lady Gaga and even with Donatella Versace.

Laura Bozzo proved once again that negative comments do not affect her at all, so she decided to respond to comparisons and messages about her age and style ensuring that she feels beautiful and “regal”, in addition to expressing her happiness for the project.

Laura Bozzo is compared to Lady Gaga. Photo: Instagram