LeBron James slammed The Squid Game and its creator responded

You can say anything about The squid game but, in any case, the impact that it had in the culture can not be called into question. It became one of the most important series of the year and everyone has been talking about it. Even elite athletes love James Lebron took the time to comment on the South Korean production created by Netflix A few weeks ago.

142 million users watched at least 3 minutes of The squid game as reported by Netflix. Among them was the star of Los Angeles Lakers who saw it from start to finish but wasn’t very happy with the end result and decided to comment on it. “I didn’t like the end. I know season two is supposed to start, but get on that damn flight and see your daughter. “, reproach James.

This position has to do with the end of the first installment where you can see Seong Gi-hun about to take a plane to the United States when he crosses paths with the person who convinced him to gamble. In what appears to be another heroic act on his part, he decided not to get on the plane to participate in what could be a mission to destroy the entire system behind this particular competition.

Without remaining silent, Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the series, came to answer him. He first criticized Space Jam: a new legacy then he condemned: “Maybe he could make his own sequel. I’ll check it out and maybe send him a message saying, “I liked your whole show except the end. “” . It was during an interview with British media The Guardian.

The doubts the Squid Game must answer

Still without a confirmed second season, it is expected that Netflix give the green light to those in charge The squid game to start producing it as soon as possible. After all, it was a big hit and you probably don’t want to miss the opportunity to continue setting trends with your own fictions. In case of arrival, the new batch of episodes will have to answer some doubts.

The most important will be who will take the place of the elder as the absolute leader, as well as what he will do. Seong Now that you know everything: are you going to get some help or are you going to go on a solo mission? It also remains to be seen what happened to the policeman injured by his masked brother and whether he even sent the messages to his superiors or not. Finally, it would be interesting to know how an organization works that eliminates more than 400 people a year who disappear from the Earth without leaving a trace.

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