LeBron shocked by death shaking US sport

Fan of basketball, but above all of sport in general, LeBron James hardly ever misses the opportunity to react to big news from other disciplines. In recent hours, it is on sad news involving a former NFL star that he spoke.

He could get angry more violently about the various difficulties encountered this season by these Lakers. He did so in the wake of the recent outrageous loss to the Grizzlies. Nevertheless, despite his taste for victory and his love for his sport, LeBron James undoubtedly knows that there are bigger problems in life than simple setbacks on the floors.

Indeed, from the top of his 36 years, the King has already had to go through much darker tragedies, which now allow him to put into perspective the results of his team. Lately, the sad fate reserved for certain American figures has served as a nice reminder for him. Because after rapper Young Dolph, whose death caused great bitterness in him, another US star passed away this Thursday.

LeBron stunned by the death of Demaryius Thomas

For the past few hours, the United States has been mourning the disappearance of Demaryius Thomas, former illustrious receiver for the Denver Broncos. Retired since 2019, the legendary number 88 was found dead at his home, at only 33 years old, a priori as a result of a health problem. A news that necessarily touched LeBron, shocked to see one of his young contemporaries leave him so suddenly.

Rest in peace DT !! This is crazy man. At only 33 years old!

My prayers are addressed to his loved ones !! 🙏🏾❤️✊🏾✨👑

As shown in the photo attached by LeBron James, Thomas had already had the opportunity to meet him on the sidelines of an NBA game. This dates back to November 7, 2014, when the Cavaliers traveled to Denver to face the Nuggets. Local personality, “DT” had obviously wanted to follow this part, one of the first of LBJ following his return to Cleveland. The respect therefore seemed indeed mutual between the two men, which was again verified in the most regrettable of contexts.

A great NFL fan, LeBron James probably knows the illustrious career of Demaryius Thomas with the Broncos like the back of his hand. He therefore saw himself obliged to pay him homage one last time, although he certainly would have preferred not to have to do so under such circumstances.