Like Tom Holland, Another Actor Fell In Love With Zendaya

On July 2, Page Six got the photos that Spiderman fans have been waiting for four long years: Tom Holland, the actor of Peter Parker and his co-star, Zendaya, were spotted kissing for the first time after assuring, more than once, that they were just friends.. For a long time, the actors were shipped by Marvel fans, but it was only now, with the release of the last film, that they took the step that everyone wanted.

However, so far neither Tom Holland neither Zendaya has confirmed or denied their relationship. This is why the following photos that were released of the actors, while taking advantage of different dates, increased these rumors and, in fact, almost ensured that the young Marvel stars are now a couple in real life, like this happened with the early days of Spider. -Man Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield and their co-stars.

However, unlike the first generation of Peter Parker, Tom Holland you have a problem in your relationship: He isn’t the only actor who was hypnotized by Zendaya after working with her.. In 2017, the same year, it came out Spiderman: Homecoming, where the Briton and the former Disney star met, she also starred The greatest showman.

But, in this musical, in addition to having the presence of the great Hugh Jackman, Zendaya also shared the screen with Zac Efron. Him playing Phillip Carlyle and her playing Anne Wheeler were a fictional couple with a lot of chemistry that, in fact, also seems to have crossed the screen, at least for Efron who confessed his love for his costar.

While Efron, like Tom HollandHe never said he was in love with Zendaya, yeah Said it was his best fictional kiss. In front of his companion and in a promotional interview for the film, the former star of Musical High School He said: ” I think this might be my favorite kiss“, To which she launched:”when they get the courage to hang on and kiss, it’s an epic musical moment”.

Zendaya and Zac Efron in the promotional interview. Photo: (@zacefron)

Note that at this time, Efron already had an important filmography, while Zendaya was still at the peak of his career. However, the artist was already starting to trample due to her versatility, charisma and acting level, which she also combined with vocals, and that’s what He captivated Hollande from the start because, in 2017, it was when he declared her his famous crush.

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