Lucy Liu Recounts Her Fight With Bill Murray In Charlie’s Angels: “I Defended Myself And I Have No Regrets”

MADRID, July 28 (CulturaOcio) –

One of the best known conflicts in cinema of the last decades was the one that had Lucy Liu y Bill Murray during the filming of ‘Charlie’s Angels’, the popular 2000 film that McG directed and also starred in Cameron Diaz Y Drew Barrymore. Although rivers of ink flowed on the reasons for the confrontation, it has never transpired what exactly happened … until now. The actress wanted to explain what happened on the set.

It has been in the Asian Enough podcast of the Los Angeles Times where Liu has related what happened. The interpreter commented that the cast was rehearsing a scene in which Murray could not be present due to a family commitment. Everything went wrong when the veteran actor returned to the set and, according to Liu, he began to “hurl insults” that “kept going over and over again.”

“I was like ‘Wow, it looks like he’s looking right at me.’ I couldn’t believe something like this was happening, because, What do I have to do with anything important right now?“said the actress, who did not hesitate to ask him if he was referring to her, something that Lucy Liu I thought so, because the discussion “ended up drifting one on one“.

“It was unfair and unjustified. Some of his language was unforgivable and unacceptable and I wasn’t going to just sit there saying nothing. So yeah I fought back and I have no regrets“He detailed.” Because no matter how low you are in the hierarchy or where you come from, there is no need to be patronizing or belittling other people, “he continued.


Liu also commented that, years later, Several former cast members expressed their “gratitude” to him for standing up for himself. Despite the conflict, Liu also declared that he has “nothing against” the actor and that they even coincided in a meeting on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

He came up to me and was perfectly kind. What I want to make clear is that [en el momento del ataque] I wasn’t going to sit there and let them treat me like this“, he pointed out, highlighting that he did not seek to be” that person who is not going to speak for himself “and who only wants to” defend the only thing “he has.”It’s my dignity and respect for myself at the end of the day“, settled.

Also, Liu mentioned how the press dealt with the issue, thinking it was “incredible” how the media “changed the versions.” “People automatically thought that it was the woman who was in conflict and not him,” he denounced. “Do not I understood why they narrated it like that. I never instigated or provoked any confrontation“, he pointed out, noting that, despite the passing of the years, he remembers that moment” very clearly. “