Luis De Alba, The Great Comedian Who Collects Among His Friends What He Sowed In His Best Moment

There is a famous saying that goes: “You reap what you sow” and in the case of the comedian Luis de Alba, it is something he is experiencing, in the best and widest sense.

After more than 60 years of career that includes comedy and melodrama, in film, theater, radio, TV and cabaret, the man from Veracruz he has amassed a body of friends and followers who have now come close to supporting him as a gesture to reciprocate the support or fun he gave them, in his prime as a star comedian.

Luis de Alba to be honored for 55 years of career. (Mario Castillo / Jam Media / LatinContent via Getty Images)

This story began on September 22 when the creator of characters such as ‘El Ratón Crispín’, ‘El Pirrurris’, ‘Peritos’ and many more, he had to be admitted to an emergency hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he currently lives, after suffering a fracture of the femur as a result of a fall.

The heavy expense involved in making lThe operation to rebuild the bone amounted to more than 400 thousand Mexican pesos (about 50 thousand USD), an amount that could not be covered by the comedian’s family – who came to star in more than 80 films of the so-called ‘Sexicomedias’ in the years 80 – the reason that led them to ask for help to raise funds through social networks and the GoFundMe platform.

De Alba, born in the port of Veracruz on March 7, 1945, rose to fame while still a child, when he joined various radio programs at age 12, such as ‘Kalimán, the incredible man’ —a long series in which he played ‘Little Solín’, who was the faithful companion of who, in turn, was the first superhero made in Mexico (created by the librettist Víctor Fox, and played by the unforgettable actor Luis Manuel Pelayo).

He also acted in the second telenovela that was produced in Mexico, the emblematic ‘Gutierritos’ in its first version, which was done live, playing Julius Caesar, the son of the titular character played by Rafael Banquells and lent his voice to dub the most diverse characters for decades.

His film debut was alongside Vicente Fernández in ‘El arracadas’ and Since then, a close friendship emerged between them, which continues to this day. In fact, after his intervention he intended to visit Chente, who is admitted to the same hospital as him, but in the Intensive Care area there are no more visits than from the family.

With his popular characters, de Alba made an entire era in Mexican TV, to the point that the term “Pirrurris”, which was the name of the most famous of his characters – a parody of the upper-class ‘juniors’ of the 70 in Mexico, who spoke with a distinctive accent and used to disgust people of a lower social class – was incorporated into the Mexican popular vocabulary permanently as a qualifying adjective, and also made the derogatory term ‘naco’ (which is now very frowned upon) became general use.

Among the colleagues with whom he collaborated for years are Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo, Chabelo and Benito Castro, all of whom spoke out to support the creator of ‘Juan Camaney’, who, in his best days, supported those who were starting out or had to go through hardships, either by providing them with cash assistance, or by taking them on their Nightclub shows – And do not doubt it, in a time of nightlife in Mexico, the Luis de Alba show was the highest grossing show in the country—.

Now they were the ones who contributed –although the amounts were not disclosed– to support de Alba after his operation and it appeared, stating that it was successful.

“I’m getting up little by little, everything went wellperfectly thank God in a first-class hospital where friends have appeared where you cannot imagine “said the comedian in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in his program ‘De Primera Mano’. He also pointed out that the support received included the use of a private plane to travel and a change to a specialized hospital.

I am very touched by all the displays of affection. I really have no words. I only know that everything in life is a boomerang and that what is coming back to me is very valuable. And I appreciate it with all my heart. Really, to all my friends, both those who are famous, as well as those who do not know me but contributed and are not less friends for that, thank you. Thanks with all my heart“.

According to the medical report, de Alba will soon be able to walk without support again, although he must continue to lose weight, something his wife Abigail told the media humorously, She will supervise herself because she wants her husband to last her for many more years.


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