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JAKARTA – The band Good Morning Everyone has finally released their debut EP entitled Lusi. In its debut, Good Morning Everyone was under the auspices of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.

In their debut EP album, the band from Semarang shares a number of interesting stories behind the four selected song lists. There is a song with the title Pay Attention to Sejenak. Where this song tells about the stability of a person’s heart who has decided to no longer be indifferent and will not miss something or someone that is precious to him. And work hard to get it.

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“Just as rational means reasonable and irrational means unreasonable, so we interpret Lusi as real. Because illusion means not real. The four tracks in this EP are themed on separation, regret, hope, and determination. These four things are really real, exist in our lives. And we describe these four things as a figure named Lusi. Everyone must have ‘met’ with Lusi, “said the frontman of Good Morning Everyone, Ichsan.

Lusi’s EP contains six songs, namely Lusi, Pay Attention to A Moment, Until Meet Again, Not With You, I For You and Ikhtisar.

“We hope that this LUSI EP can be the soundtrack to the lives of our listeners, accompanying every part of the story in their lives. And hopefully with this EP Good Morning Everyone will be increasingly recognized by music lovers everywhere, especially in Indonesia,” concluded Dhani and Erwin.

Good Morning Everyone is a band from Semarang that has been formed since 2008.