Lutfi Agizal Spends IDR 224 Million To Buy Rice Boxes, For Whom? : Okezone Celebrity

LUTFI Agizal and Nadya Indry intend to hold a wedding celebration by distributing food. Reportedly, he will distribute 20,000 boxes of chicken rice in his hometown, Semarang.

“Bismillah, for friends, especially Semarang residents, in sha Allah, my good intentions are to share 20,000 pax (5 trucks) of food, I will hold it on October 15, Friday in Semarang City,” Lutfi Agizal wrote on his Instagram page.

In the upload, Lutfi showed a red receipt as proof of payment worth Rp.224,802,000 for the purchase of 20,000 boxes of chicken rice. According to information, the event will be held on Friday.

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Lutfi also briefly mentioned Ganjar Pranowo and the Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi. He hopes that his activities will take place in the future while still complying with the applicable health protocols.

“Dear Governor @ganjar_pranowo and Mayor @hendrarprihadi I hope that my humanitarian activities can be well received and get support so that they are carried out according to the health protocol rules that apply in the city of Semarang. In sha Allah, I will share this activity on the streets from the youth street to the race road,” he wrote.

This activity is also an invitation for Semarang residents who want to enjoy the dishes that Lutfi has prepared. He hoped for the support of the residents so that the food was not wasted and distributed evenly.

“At the same time, this will be an invitation for Semarang residents who can enjoy the dishes that I have prepared. Please support so that the food I have prepared is not wasted or not distributed evenly, without any conditions. Thank you,” he concluded.

The post was immediately flooded with various comments. Many netizens applaud Lutfi’s noble actions. However, not a few netizens actually judged that the 26-year-old man was deliberately showing it off because he wanted to be arrogant.

“Masya Allah tabarakallah” kata netizen.

“Blessings of Allah, may Allah bless you with a long, happy life and lots of sustenance” replied another netizen.

“Why does the nominal have to be shown?” wrote another netizen.

“It’s really showing off by posting the receipt. It’s done on purpose so that it goes viral,” said another netizen.

“Si Anjay doesn’t want to lose to show off his wealth,” said another netizen.

“If it’s a private donation, don’t share it, if it’s a public donation and only as an intermediary for the trust to be shared to avoid the slander of the prospective sodaqoh, let our business be the same as Allah,” said another netizen.

Reading the comments, Lutfi immediately revealed the reason why he uploaded the receipt for the sharing event. He just wanted to confirm that this event was not for content or endorsed funds, but for himself.

“I show this invoice so that it doesn’t become a slander that this is NOT content/lie/endorse,” said Lutfi.