Make Haru, Message Ria Ricis Before Marrying Teuku Ryan: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ria Ricis is blooming. Only a few days left, he will be officially proposed by a handsome man from Aceh, Teuku Ryan. The plan, the application ceremony will be held on September 23, 2021.

Ahead of the application ceremony, Ria Ricis expressed her gratitude to the Almighty. He said he couldn’t stop being grateful for what he had gone through during his 26 years of living in this world.

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“I think back to what I’ve been through the past 26 years. Oh Allah, I can’t stop being grateful for all the feelings and situations that you have given me,” said Ria Ricis, as quoted from her Instagram photo caption, Monday (20/9/2021).

Through this post, this hijab-wearing YouTuber also thanked himself for trying to be always strong and happy.

“Thank you, Ria Yunita. Thank you for trying so hard and always being happy. See you in your new life. I love who I used to be, now and how he will transform in the future,” said Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister.

Ria Ricis also wrote the date of her proposal with Teuku Ryan at the end of the photo caption. “23/9,” he wrote.

Suddenly, this upload was filled with netizen comments who were also moved. “Sis Icis, I’m touched to see Sis Icis is now happy. Hopefully it will run smoothly until D day, sis, “said netizens in the comments column.

“Current 23/9, beautiful sister,” another commented. “Masha Allah, thank God God’s plan is indeed extraordinary, even though there are so many obstacles, but behind it all there is a lesson,” wrote a netizen.

“Barakallah Icis, smooth until the wedding,” commented netizens.