Make Mewek, Andika Kangen Band Gets Happy Father’s Day from Daughter : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Happiness is currently being felt by Maesa Andika Setiawan aka Andika Kangen Band. Right on Father’s Day celebrations, the 36-year-old man received a voice from his first child, Kirana Velovoice, who was the fruit of his love from his marriage with Ade Bunga Niari.

In the video, Kirana is heard saying a sentence of praise for the father. He was even heard thanking him for the love that Andika Kangen Band had given him.

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“People say that fathers are their daughters’ first love. And yes, I can’t forget the great love of fathers,” said someone in the video sent by Kirana to Andika.

“Stay as a place for me to lean on, when I almost fell. Thank you for the unconditional love that you gave me,” he continued.

Seeing the upload, Andika also responded by expressing gratitude and thanks. He even said that he really missed his daughter.

“Thx for all… My savior angel @kiranavelovoice21 who I’ve been missing all this time. Thank God Allah granted my long and long wish and prayer and finally Allah answered all my prayers today. I’m happy my girl thanks to your words today dad can’t say any more words only water eyes and apologies, father…” Andika said in the video caption column.

“With this I am quite happy. Thank you my first love and my beloved @kiranavelovoice21 loveyouu.,” he continued.

Through his upload, the singer of About Me, You, and He also said that his love for the princess would never fade. Although, he could only wait for his daughter’s presence for a dozen years.

“The father’s love for his child will never change… Now you are growing up, my son is a beautiful girl, elegant, smart and strong, father loves you to no limit… you are you, you just want,” he explained.

“What dad waits for from day to day, time to time, year after year. Even a dozen years I’m still waiting for you here, right here. In the place where I was first called father in this world and knew your mother and achieved my dreams until now… I still standing in this city,” he said.