Make Mewek, Ari Lasso Thankful Still Strong Undergoing Fourth Chemotherapy: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Ari Lasso is battling cancer. One of his efforts is to undergo a series of chemotherapy.

Reporting from Ari Lasso’s Instagram upload, he recently underwent his fourth chemotherapy out of a total of six treatment sessions. When undergoing the fourth chemotherapy, Ari Lasso admitted that he reflected more and was grateful.

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“Midnight chemo gives a lot of time for me personally to reflect, contemplate, be grateful for God’s endless blessings, admire God’s infinite goodness. Really, without His intervention and inclusion, it is impossible for me to survive until chemo 4 (which means less two more ),” wrote Ari Lasso, completing his upload.

In the photo he uploaded, Ari is seen in the hospital. With his bald head wrapped in a blue cloth. He is seen pointing his index and middle fingers which are symbols of peace at the camera.

Ari Lasso wants to share this story so that it can motivate many people out there who are struggling like him. According to him, the support and enthusiasm of the people around him is very important.

“Hopefully this post is also useful for friends who are struggling.. let’s strengthen each other.. encourage each other, because the spirit and strength that comes from people who care is really magical. Keep the fight, keep the faith,” wrote Ari Lasso.

The singer of the song Hampa expressed his gratitude to anyone who has given prayers and even raised his hopes, which are truly infinite.

“Oh yes.. Thank you very much to all digital friends, fans or whoever you are, a piece of prayer, hope, amen from you guys, the power is infinite for me.. really! So once again from the bottom of my heart thank you🙏🏻 ILOVEYOU !!! FULL!! ❤️

In the upload, a number of celebrity colleagues and netizens wrote positive sentences and support for Ari Lasso’s recovery. They have longed to see Ari Lasso recover and return to the world of entertainment.

“Mas Ari often calls me ‘Ndul’. Now I’m calling you ‘Mas Ndul’. Get healthy and long again, my idol ❤️,” wrote Anji in the @duniamanji account