Making peace with the past, Luna Maya doesn’t rule out a match with Ariel: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTALuna Maya often expected to re-knit romance with his ex-lover, Ariel NOAH. Responding to this, he also admitted that he did not rule out the possibility of being married to his ex.

To Venna Melinda, Luna Maya admitted that he never knew who his future soul mate would be. So he did not rule out the possibility for the NOAH vocalist.


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“I never knew my soul mate, I never wanted to say no, it’s impossible,” said Luna Maya, quoted from the YouTube Venna Melinda Channel, Monday (17/1/2022).

Luna Maya admitted that she did not want to get back with her ex-lover. But he also feels that now he can make peace with his past.

“Maybe I said before, I never wanted to be with Ariel again, maybe at that time I was angry,” he said.

Luna Maya realized that Ariel was someone who had filled her heart for so long. In addition, they have gone through many ups and downs when they were together. This made Luna feel that she had to make up with the figure in her past. Luna no longer wants to hold a grudge against her ex.

“So I was angry with him, had a grudge in my heart, I thought it was a heart disease that I didn’t want to bring. I had to leave, make peace with myself, make peace with him,” he added.

Even though Luna and Ariel are currently doing well and there are occasional conversations between them. He emphasized that his relationship with Ariel has not led to a reverse.

“We have not seen any such movement,” he concluded.