Many Photos Allegedly Junior Roberts and Gabriella Eka Putri Kissing, Warganet: Sasimo Boy! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Actor Junior Roberts again hit by bad news. The former lover of Hanggini Purinda alias Jeha was again involved in a scandal after an intimate photo allegedly of him and Gabriella Eka Putri circulated on social media.

The photo that was first uploaded by the Instagram account @playitsafebabyofficial, Sunday (2/1/2022) showed the alleged man Junior Roberts kissing Gabriella Eka Putri. The photo appears to have been taken in a dimly lit nightclub.


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Seeing this, netizens were immediately furious. The reason is, Gabriella is known to be friends with Hanggini. Not even long before the photo went viral, they had just uploaded a karaoke photo with Beby Tsabina.

Previously, Junior was also hit by a scandal with Rebecca Klopper, his co-star at Mozachiko. The man who is familiarly called Juju was reportedly having an affair with Rebecca while he was still in a relationship with Hanggini.

Their affair is said to be the reason Junior and Hanggini broke up. Now after seeing the circulation of intimate photos that are allegedly Junior and Gabriella, netizens are confused about the fate of the actor’s relationship with Rebecca Klopper this time.

Netizens then called Junior “Sasimo” aka Sana Sini Mau, a term for someone who is considered easy-going, so he often has relationships with many people at once.

“It turns out that Sasimo is not just a girl, there are also guys,” commented netizens.

“Actor Sasimo,” said another.

“You SASIMO boy,” wrote another