Marcell Siahaan Releases The End Of Love, A Song About The End Of His Friends’ Love : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Musician Marcell Siahaan released a new single titled End of Love today, Tuesday (21/9/2021). The song is about a love that ran aground because it had to end.

Interesting Marcell Siahaan revealing the song is apparently a true love story experienced by his own best friend.


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“So this is a true story of my best friend who experienced turmoil in her love story,” said Marcell in a virtual conference as quoted by MNC Portal, Tuesday (21/9/201).

“In the end he was devastated, but he chose to accept reality and move forward.”

With a voice that is quite familiar to listeners of 90s music, it seems that Marcell deliberately chose this music genre to display an optimistic and strong atmosphere. Even though it is a song with a heavy and sad message, Marcell wants listeners to remain optimistic and move forward in life.

The 90s voice that is heard in this song is also chosen by Marcell as a ‘tribute’ to his various inspirations. As a person who grew up listening to songs from the 80s and 90s, Marcell wanted to produce a song that was familiar with the “golden age of music listeners.”

“In the late 80’s I really enjoyed the condition of the music industry and I also got a lot influence and musical references from that era,” he said.

This new single is planned by Marcell as part of his new album later. However, for now, Marcell has not dared to promise a release date for his eighth album; He wanted to work on this project slowly.

“At the earliest next year,” said Marcell briefly.