María Isabel Retires From Music At 26

María Isabel announced this Thursday the news that none of her followers wanted to hear: the singer from Ayamonte retires from music. This has been communicated through his Instagram profile confessing the reasons he has for this drastic decision and highlighting that he suffers from anxiety, which does not allow him to be as he would like in the industry. “My people … I have made this decision. I’m leaving, I’m leaving music, I’m leaving everything that I once loved. Today being in the industry is very difficult for me. And it is hard, and it makes me angry, and even more so, I have never stopped fighting, “he began by expressing in his statement.

“But for other issues I find myself in the obligation of having to take a breath … Time to think, meditate and know the way forward. I could say that I will return, but that will only happen if I finish understanding how this works. I suffer from anxiety, and it is difficult to deal with it on a daily basis and more in this world. I will tell you about this in more detail, but now with tears in my eyes I can only say thank you “, he continued, a few words that hid a great emotion that he would reveal immediately afterwards.

The singer of ‘Before dead than simple’ swept the Eurojunior Festival held in Norway in 2004, and 17 years later he wanted to thank for the beautiful path that he has traveled so far with his followers, an adventure that continues although from now on away from music.

“Thank you, thank you to all the people who have not left me alone on this path for 17 years. I feel fortunate for all the blessings that God has given me and continues to give. You are the best followers that I have been able to have since I was little, always you have taken me to the top. And that is the most incredible thing that can happen to a person who has always fought for their dreams … To be valued and recognized. But it is time to meditate, to think, to work hard … And may God decide the path. I love you very much, “he concluded.

In his memory he leaves four studio albums and two more of soundtracks, in addition to several singles that he has released in recent years since he signed on Roster Music. María Isabel enjoyed many television appearances during her career, the last one as a contestant on ‘Your face sounds like me’.