María Pita Festivities In A Coruña: How To Get Invitations To Concerts

The parties of Maria Pita 2021 are already a reality and will take place throughout the month of August, with numerous shows, fairs, exhibitions and concerts. The most outstanding performances have as protagonists Andrés Suárez, Miguel Ríos, Fangoria and James Rhodes.

Due to the health situation in Galicia, extreme precautions have been taken so that all the shows are carried out with maximum safety for their attendees. Therefore, it will be necessary to reserve the tickets, which can be obtained in the culture portal of the City Council of A Coruña totally free. It will be necessary to fill out a form with the buyer’s details. Each person can reserve a maximum of two invitations.

Tickets will leave at 10:00 am on different days, having started the process this same Friday, July 23, for the first concerts to be held in María Pita. These are the performances of Andrés Suárez, the Rock en Familia festival, Miguel Ríos and Miriam Rodríguez. Tickets for Andrés Suárez and Miriam Rodríguez were sold out in just 15 minutes.

Then we explain what day the invitations will be enabled for all the concerts and performances of the María Pita Festival.

Withdrawal of invitations

From July 23

  • Andres Suarez (July 31st)
  • Rock in Family (August 1st)
  • Miguel Ríos & The Black Betty Trío (August 2)
  • Miriam rodriguez (August 3)

Starting June 30 (Northwest Festival)

  • Mad Martin Trio, Sound Sisters, Los Zigarros, Bizarro Love Triangle, Combo Paradiso, Rulo y La Contrabanda, Bastards on Parade and Bala (August 6)
  • Ataque Escampe, Chassis, Alice Wonder, Javiera Mena, Cimafunk, Zahara, Lina & Raul Refree, Victor Coyote and Tito Ramírez (August 7th)
  • Bush Doctors, Soul Jacket, Women, Marlango, Baiuca, Morgane Ji, DL Blando and Petazeta (August 8)

As of August 6

  • Nastasia Zürcher, Moura, Iago Mouriño trio and High Society Jazz Band (August 9th)
  • Carolina Rubirosa, Budiño, Zeltia Irevire and Quinta San Vitorio (august 10th)
  • David el Cuerdas, Malc, Marina Gundín and Alfonso Calvo septep (August 11th)
  • Dani Polo: Back to Illusion (August 13)
  • Fangoria (August 14)
  • Karaoke Cinema: Oh Mama (August 15th)
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Carlos Núñez during last year’s concert at the Monteferro viewpoint

As of August 13

  • Carlos Nunez (August 16th)
  • A Coruña Electronics Festival: Murcof & Sergi, Palau, DJ Elektrojena, Lefrenk and VJ The End (August 18)
  • James Rhodes (August 19th)
  • Gaos Orchestra (August 20th)
  • Young OSG Orchestra (August 21)
  • Abraham Cupeiro (August 22)

Without prior reservation

Cascarillarte, Manicómicos Festival, International Folk Festival, XXXVI Contest of Habaneras City of A Coruña and Pilgrimage of Santa Margarida (Access in order of arrival until full capacity)