Married for 5 months, this is something that often makes Ikbal Fauzi’s wife jealous: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Love Bond Player, Ikbal Fauzi also stole the attention of the audience of Ikatan Cinta. Not only because of the quality of acting, the personal life of the actor Rendi also became a highlight.

No exception, his household relationship with Novia Giana Nurjanah, the woman he married last March. Recently, the woman who works as a doctor has been outspoken about her feelings for being a wife Ikbal Fauzi.


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As the wife of an actor, Novia admitted that she had felt jealous when her husband had a scene with another actress.

“When shooting like that, yes, there are scenes with women, sometimes there is a little feeling of jealousy,” said Novia as quoted from The Famous on RCTI+, Tuesday (7/9/2021).

The jealousy is even more real when a female fan suddenly hugs her husband while taking a photo together. “But I’m even more jealous if for example someone asks for a photo and (Ikbal) is immediately pulled and hugged,” he said.

Even though she sometimes feels jealous, Novia fully supports her husband’s career. This has even become a commitment before legally marrying the actor in March 2021.

“He’s asked me from the initial introduction, do you support me or not if I’m in the entertainment field? Do you mind? Then I answered, not at all,” said Novia.

“Because people’s sustenance is different. If indeed your sustenance is there, your job is indeed there, why not? I don’t mind at all,” he repeated his conversation with Ikbal at that time.

As a wife, Novia even praises and marvels at Ikbal’s very protective, affectionate, and caring attitude. “I believe he can definitely take care of my feelings,” he said.