Marvel Faces A New Scandal

Marvel is on everyone’s lips, but this time for a new scandal. We tell you all the details you should know below.

In recent years, superhero movies have become the biggest hits in the movie world. In this way, they managed to occupy the first positions of the lists of films with the highest grossing and even some of them managed to exceed 2 billion dollars in world collection. That being said, there’s no question that comic book-based stories are a public favorite. But how much money do the authors of these stories make?

This topic always generates controversy and has already been discussed more than once. Several artists complained, one of them Ed Brubaker. The artist considers that Marvel was not fair, since thanks to him he was able to create films and series around the Winter Soldier. In this way, he revealed that he was not even invited by Marvel to the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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How much money do they earn?

According to The Guardian, three different sources confirmed that the compensation that Marvel gives these artists for adapting their works is 5,000 dollars (4,265 euros). To this money, he adds tickets to attend the premiere of the film. But when you consider the enormous amount of money Marvel raises, this check happens to be a joke.

“They offered me a special character contract that was really terrible, but it was either that or nothing. And then instead of complying with it, they send you a thank you note and say ‘here is money that we don’t owe you!’ and it’s five thousand dollars. And you just think: ‘the movie has made a billion dollars’ “, stated a comic book actor who did not want to release his name.

For its part, Marvel did not want to speak about it. Since it ensures that the contracts and negotiations with the authors are private.