Marvel: Mahershala Ali Reflects On His Spectacular Blade Debut In The MCU (no)

Actor Mahershala Ali returned to the “grueling” experience of entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Already interpreted for the first time by Wesley Snipes in the trilogy of films initiated by Stephen Norrington in 1998, with his eponymous film, Blade is an essential character in the universe of Marvel comics, as well asone of the rare successes of a comic book adaptation before the wave of 2000s superhero films began.

It is therefore hardly surprising to see this character known to fans returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe., this time in the guise of Mahershala Ali. The actor, who we have already seen in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Moonlight and Green Book, will appear for the first time, in the role of half-man, half-vampire, when the film is due for release in 2023 … Unless he has already appeared in the MCU … or not … well not really. SPOILERS ALERT!

“But uuuh … are you sure people will pick up on me in the movie?”

Indeed, technically, Mahershala Ali has already entered the MCU. As a reminder, in one of the post-credits scenes of the film The Eternals of Chloe Zhao, the character of Kit Harrington is about to take a sword, the one that makes him the character of Black Knight in the comics, before a voice calls out to him to ask him if he is ready for what go follow. As revealed by Chloé Zhao herself, this voice does indeed belong to the character of Blade and to his American interpreter.

The entry into the character’s universe is therefore, let us remember, only by voice, off-screen and in a sequence that highlights a character unknown to non-specialists of the Marvel universe. The MCU has done much better character iconization already … but that didn’t stop Mahershala Ali from having some concerns about this first appearance in a licensed film. The actor also confided during a passage to Late Show de Stephen Colbert :

“With me it wouldn’t have been like that.”

“The wait is very high … my excitement for any role is about equal, honestly, because I always feel the responsibility of it the same way. But I never got into a role. where the wait around this one was so high. Where people are already familiar with the character and have a real opinion, a real point of view and all that. So it feels different. It’s clearly a layer of pressure. besides … I’m going to kiss. “

Mahershala Ali also added a few words about the insurmountable difficulty he faced in preparing for this appearance in The Eternals :

“I just lost a lot of sleep because of it. I lost a lot of sleep because of this line because ideally when you play you want it to be filmed … and 100% of the time my first day on any set, for any role, I hate it. I hate the way I play. I don’t believe in myself. So you try to be comfortable in your character … so play when you’re not even filmed was a challenge. But I’m grateful. Because it makes the whole thing concrete. You say to yourself okay: here we are gone. “

Swan Song : Photo Mahershala Ali“Here is the voice”

The Oscar-winning actor shared his great fear of the eminent complexity of the role of Blade during this first appearance of the character in the MCU. That being said, it is not us who are going to complain about the implication of the interpreter. so much does it give us a little hope on the capacity of Marvel to still bring together on their sets, despite everything, two / three craftsmen who still have a minimum requirement on the level of their work …

If Mahershala Ali has confided in his joy at being able to capture his character in a more concrete way, the spectator will have to wait a little longer for the MCU to give him a little more than this off-screen sentence to put in their mouths. At any rate, the character will return, for sure, in his dedicated film which will be released in 2023.