Marvel Reportedly Bringing Back Robert Downey Jr “Thor: Love And Thunder”

Although Marvel has already moved on and is in a new phase, some actors from previous stages are unforgettable. Among them is Robert Downey Jr who came to the studio in 2008 to play Iron Man. While he wasn’t the first Avenger, he was the first to hit the big screen as part of the franchise. And, from there, his success is unparalleled.

The charisma, spontaneity and sarcasm of Robert Downey Jr have made Tony Stark one of Marvel’s most beloved and respected characters. For this reason, in 2019, while in avengers endgame his time as a superhero came to an end, many fans were completely angry. In this strip, where the Age of the Avengers came to a close, Iron Man was the one who sacrificed himself to save humanity, effectively ending the actor’s run through the MCU.

However, more than once there have been speculations about the entertainer’s possible return to the Marvel Universe. And, despite the passing years, the illusion of the fans does not fade. At first it was believed that with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield he would return to Spider-Man: No Way Mane, but since that did not happen, there is now a new rumor. On this occasion everything indicates that the return of Iron Man would take place in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The film, starring Chris Hemsworth, one of the few Avengers who is still a hero, will be released in July 2022 and some plot details are already known. But, beyond the framework that will be given, what caught the most attention is that now one of the scripts has been leaked and, apparently, Robert Downey Jr will appear on the scene.

It was Taika Waititi, the actor who will bring Korg to life, who inadvertently showed this moment from the film in an Instagram live. According to what appears, in the screenshot shared by user @PhaseZeroCB on Twitter, the actor showed when Thor and Iron Man reunite. ” But how? i watched you dieSays Hemsworth’s character to Downey’s, to which Downey responds, “Science. Thanos is back”. And so an exciting conversation begins between the two.

It’s still unclear if Marvel will act on this, but everything points to Waititi’s leaked script being more than real. Plus, being Hollywood’s biggest studio, where anything can happen, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Robert Downey Jr like Iron Man after his death. In other words, there is no doubt that after the fury of No coming home, the MCU was thrilled with the cameos and now Thor: Love and Thunder will have one of the most anticipated.

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