Marvel’s Spider-Man: No Way Home Confirms Andrew Garfield’s New Photo

There’s still plenty to release this year, but none of the releases have the hype of Spider-Man: No Path Home, the new sequel to the superhero played by Tom Holland. Since its long-awaited trailer premiered and the multiverse was finally confirmed in the Marvel Cinematic UniverseThey kept saying two names that would enrich the story in a unique way.

As we saw in the preview, Peter Parker is charged with the murder of Mysterio in Far From Home (2019) and the villain played by Jake Gyllenhaal reveals that the young man is the one behind the blue and red suit. His life turns to hell, so he goes to Doctor Strange to try and turn the situation around with a spell, but something is wrong and realities are mixed, bringing back the faces known as Doctor Octopus.

+ The photo that confirms Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man 3

By bringing back the antagonists already known to the public, multiple comments quickly began to circulate on what we could see and what resonated the most from the start was that we would have the versions of Tobey Maguire and of Andrew Garfield. While the actor of Social network denied at the time, the clues only confirm this more and more in the film. What this photo.

This is the site of Russian sweets Skittles, who is one of Sony Pictures’ sponsors for the next character. There we have a promotional image which brings us a video which indicates the caption: “There is no way to go back”. The curiosity that some fans have noticed on social media is that the Spider-Man pictured is not Tom Holland’s, but Andrew Garfield’s, so that more messages arrived quickly, ensuring that it will finally be on tape.

It is not the first time André is seen in the middle of a crossroads in relation to Spider-Man: No Path HomeAs just days after claiming that a leaked video of him was fake, a visual effects expert proved it to be completely real. The truth is that at the moment these are just pure speculation, as they have not been officially presented, although the fandom of the MCU imagine seeing the Spider-verse for the first time on December 17.

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